Crossing Point

Vanessa Milton

I can make a home almost anywhere. But lately, I've been spending more and more time out of sight of land, with no ground beneath my feet.

I'm not sure if can ever feel entirely at ease here. There's a thin thread of tension, vigilance, feeling a little out of place. But I'm learning to embrace the not-at-home feeling.

A pod of Common dolphins will often swim out to our boat as we leave port, or on our return as we approach land. They glide without effort in the wave cut by our bow. Occasionally, one will turn on its side to look up at us, looking down at them.

They mark the crossing point from land to sea, and back again. They remind me that the ocean is a place of grace and wonder, and not to be afraid.


An installation by Beth Taylor

23 Feb - 19 March, 2013

Sweets Workshop, Summer Hill