Thank You

Emma and John at Sweets Workshop for being awesome hosts and doing a beautiful job designing all the flyers and signage.

My Mum and Dad for heaps of babysitting and encouragement. Dad made the housing for the iPad and Mum spent hours cutting up little photos for me.

Catherine, Lisa, Dion and Nareema for letting me use their house as a studio, which made it all possible.

Jeff for building the website and for being the most wonderful life and creative partner.

Leo for inspiring me everyday and for the beautiful art he creates which features in the show.

Jackie for lending me her iPad so we have a device to look at the website on in the gallery.

Maria and Tom for printing and transport services.

Three wise women: Bridget, Kate Monty and Clare for being great sounding boards and support.

To my grandparents whose stuff features a lot in the show, even though none of them are still with us: Grandma and Grandad Taylor, Granny and Pa Harding.

Website contributors: Jeff Edwards (web designer), The Desks, Vanessa Berry, Vanessa Milton, Tabitha Carvan, Clare Atkins, Lia McCrae-Moore, Sue Taylor, Justyna Krzywicka, Leo Edwards and Joanne Chan. Thank you.

Artists whose work features in the collage: Leo Edwards, Caroline Karlsson, Michelle Donald, Gabby Eade, Maria Harding, Wendy Hanna, Nareema Lewis, Catherine Gleeson, Tamara Meem, Mary Trunk, Rowena Crowe, Barbara Harding (my grandmother), my great Grandfather's map of New Zealand and Thea Proctor.

People who feature: Jeff, Leo, Sue and Alan, David, Daniel, Nareema, Catherine, Ruby, Annie May, Rosa, Louis, Daisy, Tessa, Em and Lia.


An installation by Beth Taylor

23 Feb - 19 March, 2013

Sweets Workshop, Summer Hill