Two Homes

Clare Atkins

Our hearts and minds are in limbo. Where is home? At the moment, we have two.

One is:

  • Red dirt
  • Hot wind
  • Pandanas and stringybarks
  • Wide blue skies
  • Geographical isolation
  • Quiet
  • Camp dogs
  • Community
  • Grinning white teeth and dark laughing eyes
  • A different language and culture
  • Mango, pawpaw and banana trees
  • Smoke from back-burning
  • Crocodile inhabited beaches
  • Cockatoos and kookaburras
  • Endless stars
  • Mosquitos
  • Four wheel drives
  • Cake baking
  • Rain

The other is:

  • Concrete footpaths
  • Floorboards
  • Rushing
  • Cheap, delicious takeaway food
  • Traffic lights
  • Graffiti on brick walls
  • Conversations paused as planes fly over
  • Light, everywhere, even at night
  • Lifelong friends
  • Family
  • Four distinct seasons
  • Stress
  • Career opportunities
  • Fences
  • Hours spent commuting
  • Well-equipped parks and handkerchief sized gardens
  • Outings, appointments and coffee dates
  • A mortgage
  • So many memories

I don't know what we will choose or where we will end up, but as long as we are together we will be at home.

Us. We. Our. Family. Home.


An installation by Beth Taylor

23 Feb - 19 March, 2013

Sweets Workshop, Summer Hill